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Khyber Tobacco Company (KTC) is A public limited company is renowned in the tobacco and cigarette industry for the last 5 decades. Khyber tobacco has achieved the heights of business with its clear and ambitious vision, high quality and vigilant team and enjoying the status of the top few companies of Pakistan in the tobacco industry. The company has extended its operation around the world with an established distribution network in parts of Eastern Europe, South and West Africa, Central and South Asia and the Middle East.

With internationally recognized brands, a fully integrated production facility, and a wealth of experience and expertise KTC is in an ideal position to provide leaf and blended tobaccos. We have high-quality brands, private label cigarettes, filter-rod and other non-tobacco materials in our portfolio. Our team of industry experts aim to introduce well-researched brands after rigorous testing and blending of tobaccos from around the world to give the customer a distinctively valuable experience. KTC has a strong foothold in its native country with a modern fully integrated production facility aimed at exporting quality brands and a vast and well-established sales and distribution network.

Our Vision

To outperform Nationally and Internationally and be on top through teamwork, Quality, Brand recognition and Customer Service.

Our Mission

To expand the presence of our brands and operations globally through a network of reliable partners, suppliers and distributors.

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