Leave Policy


To develop the healthy work environment by ensuring discipline, regularity, responsibility and punctuality in the culture



All KTC Supervisors and above other than field staff come under the scope of the policy.


  • Casual Leaves: Unplanned and Emergency leaves cannot be applied more than 2 at the same time
  • Medical Leaves: Leave required for sickness of mild or severe nature. More than 01 leave would require Medical Certificate as proof.
  • Annual Leaves: Planned leave for tours or recreations can be availed all at same time or by parts.
  • Compensatory Leave: Working on Sundays and Gazetted holidays.


  • Every employee is entitled to 14 Annual Leaves, 10 Casual Leaves and 8 Medical Leaves, Company Leave Calendar year starts from January to December.
  • No leave is allowed during probation other than Medical Leaves. However for emergencies leave can be taken from concerned Head.
  • Annual leaves will be allotted after the successful completion of probation period.
  • Annual leaves are encashable ONLY in case of separation from the company.
  • No leave shall be availed without proper approval of concerned head.
  • Leaves combination is not allowed and negative balance will be deducted from the salary.
  • Compensatory leave can be allowed in case of working on Sunday with the approval of concerned Head within the one month period.
  • Late or uninformed absence for more than 3 hours will be marked as Half Day leave. More than 5 hours Late or absence will be considered as full day leave and will be deducted from annual leave balance.


  • Before applying for leave, employee will first obtain the leave application form from HR having their written leave balance on the form.
  • All leaves must be applied through Leave Application Form available with HR.
  • The concerned HOD will approve or disapprove the leave and then the proper sanctioned leave will be submitted to HR for record.
  • Every leave should be formally applied prior to leave on the given form “LEAVE APPLICATION FORM” – (Annexure I) or through email to concerned Head and HR for Medical Leave.
  • In case of urgency, leave can be applied through short message (SMS) to concerned Head; however the leave form shall be submitted to the HR Department within 2 days after the leave. In case of not submitting the sanctioned leave form, that leave will be considered as leave without pay.



Name­­­­­­­­­­­­: _________________________________                 Designation: _________________________________

Department: ___________________________                  Date of Joining: ______________________________

Leave Applied For Casual            Medical                   Annual

From: ____________________ to __________________ for ______________ Days.

Reason for Leave:


Address during Leave:


Phone: ____________________________________          Email: ________________________________________



Employees Signature: _______________________________

Approved                                               Not Approved




Signature by HOD: ______________________