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Khyber Tobacco Company Limited
The tobacco industry multinationals are aggressively promoting their YSP programmes by offering money, expert consultants and support services to governments and civic organizations in drafting tobacco control legislations and carrying out educational and advocacy projects purported to help prevent young people from using their products. The tobacco industry has seized upon the vulnerability of tobacco control advocates who may not be aware of the true intentions of the YSP programmes. The YSP programmes were an attempt for the tobacco industry to promote themselves as “responsible corporate citizens”. By accepting to take part in tobacco industry sponsored YSP programmes, these tobacco control advocates have become part of the propaganda machine for the tobacco industry.

The WHO publication of “Seeing Beneath the Surface” exposes the true intentions of the tobacco industry sponsored YSP programmes and provides a rapid test to examine the effectiveness of prevention programmes on youth smoking in our community. At the press conference, COSH demonstrated to the media how to use the rapid test in evaluating youth smoking prevention programmes.