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Mardan Factory
Mardan Factory
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All employees of Khyber Tobacco Company Limited, hereinafter called KTC, shall:-

Abidance of Laws/Rules

Conform to and abide by the KTC rules and obey all lawful orders and directives which may from time to time be given by any person or persons under whose jurisdiction, superintendence or control they may for the time being, be placed. They shall comply with and observe all applicable laws, regulations and KTC policies.

Not bring or attempt to bring any political or other pressure/ influence directly or indirectly to bear on the authorities/ superior officers or indulge in derogatory pamphleteering, contribute or write letters to the newspapers, anonymously or in their own name with an intent to induce the authority / superior officers to act in a manner inconsistent with rules, in respect of any matter relating to appointment, promotion, transfer, punishment, retirement or for any other conditions of service  of employment.


Conduct themselves with the highest standards of ethics, professional integrity and dignity in all dealings with the public, clients, employees, and not engage in acts discreditable to KTC, the profession and the nation. If they become aware of any irregularity that might affect the interests of KTC, they shall inform the senior management immediately.

Maintain all books, data, information and records with scrupulous integrity, reporting in an accurate and timely manner all transactions/ reports.

Avoid all such circumstances in which there is conflict of personal interest, or may appear to be in conflict, with the interests of KTC or its stakeholders.

Not use their employment status to seek personal gain for those doing business or seeking to do business with KTC, nor accept any such gain in offered. They shall not accept any gift, favor, entertainment or other benefits the size or frequency of which exceeds normal business contacts from a constituent or a subordinate employee to KTC or from persons likely to have dealings with KTC and candidates for employment in KTC.


Maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all the information acquired during the course of professional activates and refrain for disclosing the same unless otherwise required by statutory authorities / law. All such information will remain as a trust and will only be used for the purpose for which it is intended and will not be used for the personal benefits of any individual(s). Inside information about KTC’s customers / affairs shall not be used for their own gain or for that of others either directly or indirectly.


Serve KTC honestly and faithfully and shall strictly serve KTC’s affairs and the affairs of its constituents.