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Mardan Factory
Mardan Factory
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Directors Profile

Waseem Ur Rehman

Chief Executive Officer/Executive Director

Elected director on 18th June 2011. Reappointed 20th June 2017.

The highest-ranking executive in a company and his primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations. Maximizing profitability through procuring as well as soliciting new businesses.

Academic & Professional Qualifications

Bachelors in Economics (majors) – University of Minnesota, U.S.A.

Professional Courses:

IBA Pakistan – Negotiations in Businesses

IMD Switzerland – Leading the Family Business

LUMS – Brand Management

LUMS – Management Development Program

LUMS – Citi National Meeting on Corporate Governance in Pakistan and Expert Panels

Pir Farhan Shah

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Pir Farhan Shah was appointed by the Board as Director in October 2016 to fulfill a casual vacancy and was subsequently elected as Director in June 2017 for the second term to serve in the Board of Directors.

He is a highly motivated individual and has engaged teams through his inspiring and achievement driven leadership style. High desirability of the company maintaining a reputation for high standard business conduct and need to act fairly as between members of the company. Mr. Pir Farhan shah acquired training from ICAP through the Director’s Training Program in 2016.

Subsequently, he was appointed as the Company Secretary and Member of the Audit Committee and Human Resource Committee.

Rahat Ullah

Chairman/ Non-Executive Director 


Mr. Rahat Ullah was appointed as Director in March 2018 to fulfill a Casual Vacancy and was later on Chairman of the Board of Directors during first term.

Having diverse accounting experience he has a proven track record as company controller and finance professional and reviewing and analyzing performance. Mr. Rahat Ullah effectively leads the board and ensures that the board plays an effective role in fulfilling its responsibilities.

Mr. Rahat Ullah is also the member of the Audit Committee and HR Committee. His vision and experience has greatly benefited Khyber Tobacco Company Limited by improving matters related in reviewing organizational strategies by contributing accounting and financial information, analysis, and recommendations to strategic thinking and direction and has also improved coordination between various members of the Board and higher management.

Pir Waris Shah

Executive Director

Elected director for the first term Oct, 2014 and re-elected for a second term in June 2017.

Well experienced Human Resource Management professional who has proved his capabilities not only in his domain but to various functional areas. A very committed professional who can be the asset to any organization. Charismatic leadership with result oriented qualities. and inspirational relation towards the employees of the Company.

Hazrat Bilal

Non-Executive Director

Elected director on March, 2014 for the first term and re-elected in June 2017.

Mr. Bilal has over 10 years of experience related to growing, trading and selection of good quality tobacco. His relationship with former community has resulted into drastically improving supply chain management. His knowledge of tobacco growing areas with good quality crop and identification of quality tobacco purchase has greatly benefited in improving quality of input and resultantly the output. His vision is to continually leverage his robust professional experience to build/ drive/ deliver business plans incorporating high quality input.

Khalil ur Rehman

Non-Executive Director

Elected director for the second successive term in June 2017.

His six years of experience in Marketing at PMCL and three years’ of experience in Samson’s Group of Companies (Pvt) Limited in administration has made him a desirable guide for various aspects of corporate governance. His efforts in Implementing and enforcing best business practices and collaborating with the partnerships and community have greatly benefited in developing strong relationships with the stakeholders. Experience, decision making skills, result oriented nature has greatly enhanced efficiency across various functional areas.

 Shafiq Afzal

Non-Executive Director

Elected director for the second term in June 2017.

A charismatic and energetic sales director with a proven track record of consistently winning high levels of business within a competitive market place. Able to quickly establish credibility with senior decision makers in a wide range of business contexts, all with the aim of helping to grown the company brand and market share. Having a proven track record of performance and commitment as well as being able to deliver business value to the sales operation and customer.

His involvement in the policy making and guiding the sales and marketing team of KTC has provided direction to the business towards achievements which appeared beyond reach a few years ago.